Getting ad clicks may not be as complicated as getting clicks that are actually relevant. Each click needs to be meaningful or needs to add value to your online business. One way to ensure that this happens is by using ad extensions from Google AdWords. Remember, your cost per click is not affected when you use these extensions.

What are ad extensions?

They are additional elements that you place on your ad so it can effectively communicate with your target audience. An ad that shows more details like star ratings, available offers or locations gives the user a better idea of what the business is all about, which consequently improves the chances of a click through rate.

Here are the top 6 extensions that will greatly improve your chances of getting meaningful clicks.

Call Extensions

They make it easy for your potential customer to call you. This is because the call option is available right from the moment they find you on the search engine. If for instance you have a fast food business, the searcher will find the call option on their page, which they would click on and you would get an immediate conversion!

Location Extensions

Grouping your potential market according to their location is one of the best ways to tailor your marketing strategy to suit each crowd. This is especially useful for businesses with several locations. With location extensions,you will be able to include your business address, telephone number and even the active business hours. This way, a searcher will find the location that suits them best and will be more likely to convert to a customer.

Callout Extensions

Callout extensions are helpful when you need to incorporate a catchy message that attracts the eye and makes you unique or sets you apart from the others. Let’s say for example you want to let people know that your delivery services are fast or reliable, or that your foods are tasty or spicy, use callout extensions to pass the message across. They will carry your message across several ad copies, so the same text appears on each and delivers the same impact for the variety of goods or services you sell.

Sitelink Extensions

When you use site link extensions, you’re able to include several links to your ad so your searcher has a variety to choose from. The searcher will of course focus on the one that is most relevant to them. An ad that has sitelink extensions is a bit bigger, which makes it more visible to the searcher. There is also an allowance for adding call-to-actions and more product details for a variety of choice.

Review Extensions

One of the best ways to convince a buyer that you are credible is by having other customers review your products or services. These reviews and testimonials will show your potential buyer what other customers think about you, their experiences and whether they would like to be your repeat clients. With review extensions, you will make it easier for this potential buyer to see these reviews as part of your ad. Your chances of a conversion will be higher when the searcher sees that your services are well rated by another person.

Offer Extensions

Instead of letting the buyer browse around for offers, you have the option of including them in your ad! Buyers will always want to know what kind of deals or incentives they will be offered if they take action, so having them visibly displayed is a great way to attract relevant traffic and clicks. If I was to order fast food from your restaurant and I had already seen the kind of offers that are available, I would click to make my order without the need for further inquiries.

As we had earlier mentioned, utilizing ad extensions will not increase your PPC rates. Would you like to give them a try? And if you already have, what has been your experience so far? We would like to hear about it in the comments section below.

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