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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Do You Need Top Notch SEO Services?

One of Chicklet Marketing’s main areas of focus is on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Since research has shown that web users trust the top sites that appear when they search for related content, it is your duty as a smart site owner to ensure that you stay visible. It is evident that a strong digital campaign goes beyond content development to actually bringing this content closer to your target audience by employing top notch SEO tactics.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) | Ranking & Traffic | Chicklet Marketing

Search Engine Optimization Benefits

Are you new to SEO? Or are you simply looking to expand your knowledge on the topic? Then you should know SEO is a great tool for:

When Should I Hire An SEO Expert?

The best time to do this is when you are looking to launch a new website or when you are considering a redesign. This is the best time to incorporate SEO friendly techniques. This shouldn’t however lock you out as an existing website owner as SEO can still be done on your website to improve your visibility for maximum profits.

Best SEO Services.

You can easily optimize your website by learning the basics such as link building, keyword research, etc. However, you may not always have the time or experience to ultimately focus on Search Engine Optimization. This is where Chicklet Marketing efficiently steps in. We are always happy to take on new challenges and enhancing our clients’ growth in digital presence.

If you are serious about improving your search engine rankings then we strongly recommend that you read through our blog section for great tips on SEO. We are also experienced in providing excellent SEO services for companies and individuals who are looking to create a remarkable online presence in their respective niche.

Call Chicklet Marketing today and let us tackle your SEO needs with an unrivaled level of proficiency and efficiency.

Website SEO

starting as low as$360
1 year Premium Yoast SEO plugin service
Add additional relative Keywords (key phrases) to all pages
Install, connect, and setup the Site Kit plugin by Google
Verify Google Search Console
Review and optimized SEO Titles and Meta Descriptions
Configure XML Sitemaps and submitted
Remove any existing Indexing Errors
Add Featured Images and Image Alt Tags
Add and Validate Schema Markup

*Renewed yearly to review and maintain optimization along with Yoast Premium license (discounted rate applied to renewal)