The face of online marketing will never be the same again, thanks to the total revolution done by Google back in
October 2000. They launched a self advertising service which caught on fast with online businesses, enabling Google to make over $42 billion in a period of just 10 years. The program is now known as AdWords and its ability to grow brands is what makes it an inevitable part of a successful digital marketing campaign.

What is AdWords?

There are a lot of complicated statistics that explain how AdWords works, but to put it simply, it is a service that allows you to create and run customized ads for your business. You on the other hand will be paying according to the number of clicks you get on your site. The crucial part is in the keywords used since they will determine how well your ad gets ranked in the search engines, so if you are able to come up with the right combination of keywords, you will be able to reach your target audience, thus getting the much needed competitive edge in ensuring that your products and services are reaching the right demographic.

Why should I use AdWords to advertise my business? 

It is OK to be skeptical about trying any new marketing strategies for your business since you might get caught up in an endless campaign that is
siphoning money but isn’t bringing in any form of substantial results. That’s why you need experts to do the analysis and provide you with facts! This way, you can be able to make smart decisions that will grow your brand. AdWords has proven that it is a worthy form of investment for online businesses and we have compiled a list of the best that you can get out of your campaign.

5 Reasons Your Business Should Use AdWords

1. It engages the users. 
When creating an ad campaign, the sole purpose is to take it where the people are, and that is exactly what AdWords does. As one of the main income earners for Google, it means that AdWords is constantly being improved so it keeps getting better by the day, which translates to an endless increased advantage for the businesses that are using this service. How exactly does it take your campaign to the people? Let’s take an example of the much liked YouTube videos. When you create your video ad, Google avails it to over 1 billion YouTube users, which ranks you highly in the search engines and eventually gets you more clicks.

2. Fast results. 
While other forms of digital marketing campaigns may take a long time to show tangible results, AdWords is fast and efficient. For instance, SEO may take months to start rewarding you as a marketer due to competition, but once your AdWords campaign goes live, you are immediately able be seen in the search engines and your clicks instantly follow.

Another advantage with AdWords is that the fast results will enable you to make timely decisions on the direction you would like to steer the marketing campaign. Within the shortest time possible, you can find out whether your keyword combination is working and what needs to be adjusted. You can then use the data from your AdWords campaign to come up with the perfect SEO strategy for your business.

3. An AdWords campaign can easily be measured and adjusted. 
Traditional forms of advertising do not really give you the measurability and flexibility that comes with online marketing. However, AdWords still stays ahead of SEO since it does provide an exact system for measuring success. Your SEO campaign may generally drift towards a certain direction but you cannot exactly point out the factors causing the change. With AdWords, you can use PPC metrics to measure what’s working and what needs to be discarded.

AdWords also enables you to tailor your campaign depending on your unique business needs. For instance, you can customize a keyword that is specific to your business e.g ‘Los Angeles fashion’ instead of the general ‘Los Angeles’ and ‘fashion’ which provide a bit of a wide angle. It avails an array of ad extensions to display everything about your business, from your contacts, links to your type of goods and services. Let’s not forget that you will be capable of narrowing down to the right audience while benefitting from access to Google’s partner sites such as Gmail and YouTube.

4. An excellent AdWords campaign puts you ahead of your competitors. 
Whether your competitors have invested in an AdWords campaign or not, you are still in a position to stay ahead of them. Once your ads start appearing on the search engines, you will be reaching your target audience and getting the needed clicks to your site, which leads to increased sales. The trick is to focus on creating a campaign that is both relevant and specific to your business.

5. You are in control of the advertising costs. 
This is the best feature yet, as you can set up the exact amount of money you want to use per day for your campaign. Not only is this good for controlling your marketing budget, but it gives you the option of making payment adjustments according to the amount of success you can read from the campaign results.

Still in confusion about creating a budget for your AdWords campaign? Feel free to contact Chicklet Marketing. We shall provide you with an expert who will answer your questions and eventually help you set up an AdWords campaign that will catapult your business to new heights. We usually recommend using AdWords and the right forms of SEO for results that will benefit your business over a long period of time.

It is no secret that Google is making a huge amount of profit from AdWords and as such, they are willing to keep it up and running with the best improvements to entice online marketers. Did you know that your current search results page is 85% covered with AdWords advertisements? Why should you be left behind when you can make more profit by spending a few dollars a day on an advert that will place you where your market is? The deal best benefits you in that your ad will be shown to everyone, but you will only be paying for the clicks that your page gets.

We are always interested in hearing your thoughts. Have you had an experience with AdWords? How was it? Feel free to leave a comment below!

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