The importance of eCommerce websites goes beyond selling to a wider audience to creating a strong online brand. Business owners who understand this aspect are quickly getting on board, investing in their online stores even as they maintain their physical shops. Some businesses are completely run online and the affordability and scalability that comes with this wouldn’t sway them any other way. For those who need a little more convincing, here are the top 4 reasons your business would benefit from an eCommerce website.

1. Your customers can access your shop from any location, regardless of time.

The main advantage of having an eCommerce store is that it never closes. Whether a customer wants to buy something in the middle of the night or early in the morning, they would always have access to your products. All they need is access to the internet from whatever device and voilà, they can comfortably shop from home.

Although there are people who still prefer to physically buy their goods, a majority of buyers are shifting towards online shopping. Even so, most of these physical shoppers would visit your website first to get details about products before visiting your shop for a tangible feel before making their purchase. This is why you should strive to have an eCommerce website that is well maintained and regularly updated. You do not want to frustrate a client by showing that their preferred product is available on your site, only to tell them later that it went out of stock a month ago!

The convenience that comes from shopping without commuting through traffic is what makes online shopping a preference (if not the only shopping channel) for a huge number of buyers.

2. It makes retargeting and remarketing easier.

Let’s take the example of email marketing. When people shop physically, most of them would not easily leave you their email address especially when shoppers always seem to be in a hurry. Email marketing is a powerful tool for generating leads for businesses and your eCommerce website makes things smooth, leaving you with lots of customer data.

A customer who feels engaged and appreciated from time to time will visit your business website again to either check your new goods or to simply make more purchases. We cannot forget that whereas a customer who is physically checking out might refuse to hang around long enough to leave their details, the online shopper has more freedom and time, so they tend to be easier to convince. With an eCommerce website, you can also make great offers to attract new buyers and maintain the ones you already have which promotes loyalty.

3. It puts you on the same level as the big brands in your niche market.

With eCommerce websites, it is your ability to capitalize on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that will give your store the much needed visibility. If you are able to be seen on the same page as the big fish in the market, it levels the ground. People may not see your physical store perhaps due to location hindrances, or they may not have heard about your business from their circles but with an online store you will be able to reach them.

Shoppers all over the world are constantly searching online for products related to yours and once they find you, the issue of physical location becomes null and void. This is how companies grow from local stores to huge brands that ship worldwide. Just make sure that you know about SEO or you have outsourced the service to an expert who would be in a better position to focus on increasing your online store’s visibility.

4. ECommerce websites are easier to set up and maintain.

This is of course in comparison to running a physical store which demands a lot in terms of rent and human resource. Although the initial site setup is an investment that you must take seriously, you will find that the stress of handling an online store is less than the energy you would invest in its physical counterpart. Your job would be made even easier if you get a site maintenance package that guarantees you constant checks to keep your site up and running 24/7.

ECommerce sites have enabled businesses to benefit from paid ads and the ever growing social media as a marketing tool. Online stores are now able to reach their customers all over the world without wasting a dime of their money. If you are still relying on a single channel to reach your customers and grow as a business then you need to tap into the advantages of having an eCommerce website.

Chicklet Marketing has helped many businesses like yours with designing eCommerce websites that sell. Get in touch with us today so you can learn more about our services and how we can get your business online for a wider market and better profits.

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