Before coming up with a logo, there are some basic questions you must ask yourself. What is my brand message? How do I want this message to be portrayed to the public? Two of the best ways to achieve a unique brand image is through the color and font choice for your company logo. A perfect combination of these two will be a valuable asset that will serve your brand for a limitless period of time.

Choosing the Right Colors for Your Logo

Colors have an uncanny ability to bring back certain memories and to affect a person’s mood. A smart logo designer knows how to use color to communicate the intended message. They can choose to use one or a combination of colors to create a lasting impression in the mind of the viewer.

For example, if your interior designer proposed a navy blue color with white horizontal stripes for your kid’s room, the first thing that would probably come to mind is Ah, a nautical theme… This is the kind of immediate recognition that designers strive for when combining colors for a company’s logo.

Below is a list that will give you a better insight into colors and what they symbolize. Hopefully, the logo examples in each color will provide you with a good list to consult when coming up with your own customized logo.


Red is a fiery color associated with danger, adventure, warning or even passion.


This vibrant color mostly represents a fresh start, health, heat, innovation, a sense of youthfulness or a symbol of energy.


It is a friendly color that communicates warmth, a jovial mood or appetite.


It commands authority. Black usually stands out as a subtle but strong color that communicates mystery, power, strength and simplicity.


It embodies femininity, vibrancy and energy. It can also be playful and flirty.


It is a simple color that communicates reliability, friendliness, a rural or rustic nature and can also be a symbol of healthy or natural.


A luxurious color that is associated with royalty, mystery or wisdom. Purple also communicates creativity, dignity or femininity.


It is the color of the environment. It shows growth, abundance, good fortune, money, ecology or that something is organic.


Calm and peaceful. Blue can be used as a symbol for integrity, religion, professionalism and reliability since it also has a certain aura of authority.

Selecting Fonts for a Brand

You might be fooled into thinking that you need to only focus on your brand colors, but fonts also play a key role. Fonts have the ability to affect one’s mood or evoke a certain memory that will determine the picture that they create in their mind with relation to your brand.

For instance, a simple glance at the font beside a logo and one can tell the type of products the brand is associated with. A vehicle company would have a different type of font from a brand that deals with baby products. As a designer therefore, you need to very keen for clarity purposes.

There is a reason great logo designers stick to a certain type of font. It is because the font has already been tested and has maintained its top position over the years. An all time favorite of ours at Chicklet Marketing is the Helvetica Neue. Mercury is also a great serif font that has never failed to create dynamic and stunning logos as seen below.

Of course you may want to be a bit adventurous and creative, but stay on track to avoid going overboard and taking away from the simplicity of a good logo design. Here is one tip for creating a perfectly balanced logo; Take fonts from the same family and pair them to break the monotony of one type of font. You could also use two very different fonts as long as they blend well and are not confusing or distracting to the eye.

Color and font are two very vital elements that can be expertly combined to present you with an outstanding logo design for your company. Remember, a great logo is relevant and timeless. Hopefully, this color list and font tips will provide you with the perfect foundation for creating your brand logo. Is there anything that you would add? Please feel free to contribute your thoughts in the comments section.

Do not hesitate to contact us at Chicklet Marketing for any questions regarding your logo design needs. We are passionate about creating professional and elegant logos and would be happy to be part of the team that helps establish a strong brand presence for your company.

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