Perhaps we should start by stressing on the fact that the quality of your blog posts should never be compromised even as you try to look for ways to rank well with search engines. We are often caught up in the question of length and the frequency of posts that we forget to focus on the content itself. Blog posts that are well researched, relevant and effectively address the reader’s needs always win against anything else. That said, what is the ideal blog post length? How do we settle the long vs. short blog posts debate?

Most bloggers tend to differ on this issue and for good reason. While some would tell you that shorter posts of between 70-300 words are best, others prefer posts that are above 1500 words. They are both correct, depending on the blog purpose. For instance, a travel blog is better off with shorter posts since the readers depend on pictures and short sweet descriptions to be convinced. On the other hand, if your blog depends on a lot of research or gives tutorials, you might find yourself writing longer posts just so you can effectively cover your topics. That said, let’s look at blog post lengths and their effect on readers and SEO ranking.

Shorter Blog Posts 

The bloggers who prefer shorter posts believe in going straight to the point. It is widely believed that online readers have a short attention span, therefore they would tend to quickly scan through posts. Shorter blogs definitely get more comments. The only problem is that most of them do not get shared as much, plus they get fewer back links which is a valuable thing for SEO ranking. However, if you can cut through the junk and describe everything using shorter words why not go for it! Blogs that deal with selling products or services usually benefit more with posts that range from 65-300 words. If for instance you are looking to convince your reader to download your eBook, keep it short, sweet and precise.

If you update content on your blog on a daily basis, you might have to go for shorter posts. It all depends on your ability to provide relevance and have fun at the same time.

Longer Blog Posts

If you look at most onine research results, longer content gets shared more on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It is also easier to get back links when you have more content on a blog post. We are talking more than 1500 words here.

Looking at my own blog posts, the ones that have more than 700 words have 60% more shares than the shorter ones.

So why exactly do most bloggers rally for longer content? The more the words, the easier it is for you to include a variety of keywords that would make it easier for you to top search engines. Better SEO means better chances of conversions and eventually more revenue.

To break things down, here is a list of common blog post lengths and their performance levels.

– 60-300 words – They get lots of readers, comments and usually spark discussions. They are not good for SEO and hardly ever get shared on social media.

– 300-650 words – Still short to have much authority with search engines, but they get moderate shares and comments.

– 700- 1000 words – It is the most ideal length for professional blogging. It has helped me with getting valuable back links and lots of social media shares.

– 1000- 1500 words – They generally perform well with SEO ranking especially if you have written valuable content that has the right keywords. Although most do not get lots of comments, it again depends on your audience and their willingness to provide feedback.

– 1700 and above – They rank well with search engines. It is however advisable that you write content that people are actually interested in!

Remember, each blogger would champion for the blog post length that best works for them. If you are looking to attract readers who would share your content, longer content is always more effective. If however you can cut on the word count and go straight to the point, you would most likely get lots of comments or generate a discussion. Just ensure that your blog adds value to your reader by sharing epic content and you will definitely be on the right track!

So what is the ideal blog post length?
We would say, the length that effectively communicates your message to the reader is the one you should go for. Remember to contact us at Chicklet Marketing with any questions regarding your blog. We are always happy to provide you with expert advice that would help grow your page views.

What is your experience with longer and shorter posts? We are always happy to hear what you have to say in the comments section!

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