Why isn’t your call to action working? Why do visitors back out immediately after visiting your website? Is there anything you can do to change and start converting your site visitors into customers?

These are all important questions that would save you a lot of time and grow your online business if addressed properly. Site visitors would press the back button within seconds of being in your site simply because they have encountered something that either annoys/ bores them, or something that makes it hard for them to use your site. So what makes your site boring? We have outlined the five most common ones that you must absolutely avoid if you want to save your online reputation and rank well in the search engines.

1. Poor Web Designing 

Thanks to free web design platforms, anyone can whip up a website nowadays. All it takes is following a few instructions and the site is up and running. But for you to be able to have that customized user friendly experience, there needs to be a lot of expertise involved. This is why we always advice businesses to go for professional web designing services.

Although you will have to pay to get quality on your website, a good web designer will be worth every penny since they will be able to attract visitors, engage them long enough and finally convince them to take action. From the color combination, to the right font size and type, a dedicated designer will be able to smoothly present everything.

Remember, paying a lot of money does not necessarily translate to a great website. You just need to ensure that you hire the services of a web design company that is genuinely interested in growing your business and is passionate about taking you on as their client.

2. Your Website Is Too Slow

It takes ages for your pages to load. We currently live in a fast world. Everything needs to catch up too! If a site visitor has to wait for more than a few seconds before your page loads, you can rest assured they will immediately click on the back button and be on to the next available option.

Ensure that things are not cluttered. Your pages should only have the necessary information and images that are not too large.

3. You Prioritize Advertisements Over Content 

Nothing gets more annoying and boring than a website that practices the in-your-face kind of advertising. From having a video ad that plays the minute one opens your site to several pop ups that demand some form of action, these are just examples of things that will chase your site visitors away…and they will keep running!

Sure, you may want the potential client to sign up for your newsletter by leaving their email address, but why should they if they have not even been through your site? Allow them to go through your content first before urging them to make a commitment. The video and sound ads should have an option to either play or not to. Your site visitor should have every reason to read through your content before making any decisions, so make sure your timing is just right.

4. Your Website Is Not Mobile Friendly 

The biggest percentage of site visitors browse from their mobile devices. This means that if your website does not automatically adjust to a smaller screen, they will immediately leave to find one that has less zooming or pinching and with finger-friendly buttons.

Google has recently been cracking down on sites that are not mobile friendly and penalizing them, so you might want to be on the safe side.

5. Lack of Character 

There are extremes in the way you present yourself as a brand. You can either be too formal in a way that sounds boring to the person looking at your ‘about us’ page. On the other hand, you can be too sale-sy with expectations that are not realistic. Both would chase your visitor away before you could get the chance to sell them on your message.

Talk to your audience in a way that they will understand. Show that you have a personality and that you can help them solve a problem.

For your website to be interesting, it needs to strike a balance between being appealing to the eye and usability. An aesthetically attractive website will capture the attention of the user, while the overall user experience will keep them glued to your content and eventually prompt an interaction.

These top 5 reasons as to why your website is boring should convince you to drop the novice services and really get down to practices that would drive traffic to your site. At Chicklet Marketing, our professionals are always ready to share information in the characteristics of a good website. Feel free to get in touch with us to learn more.

I am sure there are other reasons that have made you leave a website before really getting to the content. We would like to hear about your thoughts in the comments section!

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